The Science of Funny

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About Louie

 Louie VP  is a comedian and entertainer currently based in Terrace, British Columbia. He uses his high-energy stage presence to enlighten, educate and inspire others using authentic humor. While he was a resident house comic and part-time host at The Comedy Cave in Calgary, Alberta, he spent time and studied with several well-known North American career comics. Through this course, he will teach and share some of the tips, tricks, and stories he has learned along the way.  

The Science of Funny

  In this course, you will learn; 


  • How to Build Self-Confidence   
  • How to Create, Write &  Perform your own  material!   
  • The Importance of Comic Timing  
  •  Stagecraft Technique   
  • How to Entertain an Audience  

Who is this course for?

This course is for ANYONE who is looking to learn more about how to bring more joy and laughter into their world! We focus on using positive and uplifting humor that everyone can relate to. This course will help you to develop skills and build confidence -not only on stage- but also in the workplace and in all of your other relationships. Learn how to use humour to lift people's moods and to diffuse tense or difficult situations. 

Our goal is to help you learn and develop YOUR unique style.


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 Learn how to be funnier at  work, at home, in social situations, or on stage in front of an  audience! Laughter can relieve stress, improve your health, boost your  mood and bring more joy into every area of your life. This course is perfect for anyone  wanting to learn how to build more self-confidence and overcome any performance or social  anxiety.  Hone your unique skills and develop new friendships in  this 6-week fun & supportive group format! 

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The Science of Funny

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